GE 99004 Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver

GE 99004 Bluetooth Home and Receiver

GE 99004 Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver

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  • GE Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter & Receiver
  • Allows any home stereo system to transmit or recieve high quality stereo music-wirelessly.
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Product Description

Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver allows any home stereo system to transmit or receive music.

Customer Reviews

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Great sound quality, December 8, 2008
JoeBob (Virginia)
What a wonderful toy! Any audio you can listen to on your A2DP bluetooth-enabled computer can be easily streamed to your home stereo system.

I bought this particular Bluetooth module because:
a. it can act as either a transmitter or a receiver by flipping a switch and
b. it has both front panel buttons and and IR remote, allowing the box to send AVRCP commands (pause/fwd/back/vol) back to the bluetooth transmitter.

I programmed my universal remote (Harmony) to replace the GE mini-remote.

I use the box mainly to stream music from a Dell e1505 laptop to my home stereo and the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. I've run it for several hours straight with no disconnect problems.

This could be an issue with my laptop, but sometimes the GE Bluetooth box stays in "connected" mode even after the laptop is put in standby. The result is that I can't reconnect the laptop until I power-cycle the Bluetooth box.

5 minutes., November 12, 2010
Weaselball (MA USA)
For me this just seems to work as advertised, I plugged it into the stereo, turned it on, held the bluetooth button on the front until the led on top started flashing, went to my pc, added the bluetooth device, set it as my default sound device and started listening to iTunes on my stereo. It was that easy a 5 minute set up time, its taken me longer to write the review.

The PC is running Windows 7 64bit and using only a class 2 Iogear bluetooth adaptor, and yet i am still able to connect through one drywall with metal studs to my stereo 15 feet away, with no problems to my ears.

Now i can sit on my sofa using my iPod touch with the free apple remote app to change my iTunes.

Frequent cut-offs, October 27, 2009
F. Gingras
I use it to watch TV with a pair of top-of-the-line Sennheiser MM450. It works ok for a while, then the sound starts to cut-off and it takes many on/off cycles before I can hear clearly again. I can stand right in front of the unit and touch the antenna and it still cuts off (it's really bad, you can't even hear complete words). There is no microwave or anything wireless running except a Wifi. The same headset works beautifully with an iPhone, no interference. This is absurd, I just bought a Sony transmitter and I will throw this one away.

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